Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sick of climate change yet?

Though I was half joking when I said that it seemed Climate Change was responsible for everything terrible that was, is and will be, it turns out that every new study seems to prove that ridiculous assertion to be correct.

Climate change the cause of rising mental illness trends? Perhaps a more accurate link between the two would read "Scaremongering climate change nonsense proven to drive people bonkers." I mean really,... I like the environment as much as the next guy but if I hear about one more stupid study regarding this all intrusive phenomenon then I'm going to burn my hatchback and replace it with a Mack truck. Then, I'll invest all my money in Brazilian palm oil portfolios and top it all off by spending my weekends ring barking trees. 

This is not science anymore. It's hysteria, and the worst kind of hysteria because in spite of all the actual threats we face, the real ones that can manifest in the time it takes you to eat breakfast, people choose to pack their dacks over the idea that the world is getting warmer by (GASP) a tenth of a degree a year! Well folks, I'll call it right here. If we're still building strip malls and watching American Idol by the time that pitiful temperature increase actually matters then I'll eat my hat!

It's the oft forgotten fact that Democracy is never better represented than in a free market. If you're a climate change fanatic then by all means plant a hundred trees, buy a Prius and go about heating your home by rubbing your hands together really fast, but don't come hither with any Stalinist assertions that the rest of us are too stupid or greedy to make the "right" decision. When the minority repeatedly burdens the majority they're adding straws to the camel's back.

Did I mention the camel's name is "Restraint"?

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