Sunday, October 30, 2011

In the news today.

I managed to get a fantastic job which accounts for my not having posted anything lately. Regardless, I'm now past the point of being mentally exhausted at the end of each day so it follows that I'll take another crack at posting content regularly, even if the sum total of my viewers would presently fit neatly into a phone booth.

Well it seems that the art of butchering a perfectly fine book for the purposes to adapting it to film goes at least as far back as 1962. I'm watching Day Of The Triffids and apparently they weren't keen to credit the Commies with being able to genetically engineer something as awesome as a ten foot tall man eating plant. The plants instead seem to have come down with the meteors that blinded everyone. They then grew to full size more or less instantaneously. 
Bah! Wyndham lived seven years after the release of the film. I specifically checked because I thought there was a strong probability he would have terminated himself the day it was released...

Well, I guess the big news today is that Qantas has grounded all it's flights in response to union action. It's difficult to explain just how big a deal this is. I mean, important people are going to have to fly budget airlines. The horror! It's also difficult to type Qantas without using a "u". But seriously, this is a major taste of things to come. Unions refusing to budge and CEOs unable or unwilling to relent. The end result is that products and services disappear, in this case overnight. Take nothing for granted!

In other news, it seems the colonies aren't as obedient as they used to be. How we'll ever manage without another useless Commonwealth mouthpiece is beyond me.

The refugee crisis hits home again with another suicide in detention. It doesn't matter where you stand on the refugee issue, but the fact is that when we treat them like animals for several years and then release them into suburbia we have created the perfect recipe for domestic terrorism. Then again, maybe that's the point.

I've probably already redflagged myself a dozen times so I wont restrain myself. This is why you never give up your right to bear arms. Protesting peacefully when your government is responding with tanks and small arms fire is a fool's errand. We arm ourselves against all threats, foreign AND domestic! REMEMBER. The benevolent government that disarms you for the safety of society may be a distant memory when the tyrant of the day consigns you and your family to slavery or execution.

Hope you're all getting you beans, bullets and bandaids squared away. Every little bit counts.