Thursday, October 18, 2012

U.N.friendly forces

When I was much younger I used to think that the idea behind the U.N was brilliant. They were like a kind of “world police”, zipping about in white APCs righting wrongs and protecting the weak and innocent.
These many years later I can clearly see it for exactly what it is. A kind of world police zipping about in white APCs stomping out dissent for a single world government and raping the weak and innocent.
If you read the article in full you'll love the part at the end where a spokesman for the U.N's Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York says "The abuse of children by those who are sent to help is a significant and painful issue and one that we have begun to address. We are doing everything we can to train and monitor our civilian staff."(Emphasis added.)
Train and monitor? For real? These guys ARE the monitors, aren't they? As for training... I don't think that you can plead ignorance of the law when you get caught raping a six year old girl.
So, why is it that the blue helmet men can't seem to keep their peckers in their pants around the kiddies? I asked that question of myself and determined that it would be worthwhile finding out how one becomes a U.N Peacekeeper. Well, it seems that you have to be a soldier serving in the army of a U.N signatory nation. Then, when the U.N assembles a peacekeeping force you volunteer (or get volunteered) for a spot in said peacekeeping force. Seems simple enough. So what's with all the pedophiles?
This is where we must follow the path of common sense.
Imagine for a moment that you're a commander in your nation's military and a call comes in from the minister for defence.
“The U.N is assembling a peacekeeping force to mill around the Mudhole province of Whereverstan.” he says.
“Have fifty soldiers fitted for blue berets by the end of the week.”
You, the Commander, now have some options.
Ask for volunteers? Fat chance. Why would a soldier leave his buddies and his homeland to potter around Whereverstan in a big ,white, six wheeled bullet magnet with nobody but a bunch of strangers to have his back? Not bloody likely.
Would you pick out the best and brightest to represent your country in the aforementioned Mudhole province, where they'll waste their extensive training by performing nought more than guard duties and aid distribution? No, I didn't think so...
That leaves but one option. You, the commander, take this golden opportunity to rid yourself of every deadbeat, dropkick and wing-nut in your force. You slap that big rubber stamp down. 
“Assigned to U.N Whereverstan PKF.”
So, now the U.N has a peacekeeping force cobbled together from the worst of the worst. Incompetants, malcontents and (most unfortunately of all) scumbags.
Does the rape factor start to make sense now?
Another article linked here gives a shortlist of some of the U.N's extracurricular activities, so the next time you see a  report about a U.N. peacekeeper being killed or wounded, remember that it might not be insurgents to blame.
It could just be a pissed off dad or two...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the news today.

Well, it would be laughable if it weren't so galling. Our beloved gun control laws have once again been shown to be largely pointless as a couple of outlawbikers are found with tasers.
The authorities, we're expected to believe, are capable of rounding up formerly unregistered firearms that were a dime dozen in their day, yet they can't seem to keep less than lethal weapons from the hands of criminals despite the fact that they were NEVER legal to own or import IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Fact is, the only thing that holds back the black market for firearms is a lack of demand. Anyone who wants them already has them or knows where they can be gotten. I know some folks who occasionally wander on the wrong side of the track, and they tell me that black market firearms are often cheaper than their legal counterparts. I guess when you can't burden an industry with enough paperwork to sink an aircraft carrier then the costs stay low.

The Craig Thompson saga has been going on for a long, long, loooong time now, and I think it's just great! Why on earth would I think that? Well, because it's a constant reminder of what a bunch of crooked bastards our labour union thugs (and politicians in general) are.
But isn't he just one bad apple amongst a bunch of shiny, delicious apples, you say?
Lets wonder for a moment how you'd manage to spend hundreds of thousands of union dollars on prostitutes and high living without setting off a few alarm bells along the way.
Lets then consider the more likely scenario, which is that this kind of behaviour is completely commonplace.
Then, skip up the chain of command and ask “if this guy was so openly raping the system then is it possible in the slightest that those pulling his stings were not somehow complicit?”
The commonsense answer is “of course not”.
This is the world these people live in. They have no accountability and no remorse. To them you are a meaningless nobody that exists to be fleeced for their benefit. The only code they know is the code of silence, and that code exists on both sides of the parliament floor. Only when complainants cannot be bribed, threatened, murdered (without rebuke) or otherwise silenced are the actions of the world's Craig Thompsons brought to light. Typically Craig would be generously compensated (under the table of course) to plead guilty to couple of minor charges before disappearing to a mansion in some tropical paradise to live out his days, however Mr Thompson seems to think he can have his cake and eat it too. His arrogance is such that he believes that this will all blow over and in time he'll be able to return to the local brothel, union members dues in hand, and go back to business as usual.
It's a good thing too...
He's on track to serve as a reminder to us for many more years of what a desperately rotten and rancid system we are governed by.

Bulls#!t Phrase Of The Week:

This week's BS phrase is Most Vulnerable.

 This term is all the rage these days. It's typically presented to the effect of “we're providing blah blah blah for thousands of our most vulnerable”.
Of course, it doesn't sound nearly as good when you say we're providing blah blah blah for thousands of our most lazy and unmotivated citizens. The term itself plays into the the idea that not having a lot of money makes you inherently “vulnerable”. I'd like to put that idea by some of the war veterans I've known. They were routinely dirt poor but they were far from what I would call vulnerable.
The term, you'll find, starts to make a lot more sense when used thusly:
“We're providing blah blah blah to thousands of our most vulnerable electorates.”
Once again, you know this is a bogus term because nobody uses it in casual conversation. So spare a thought for all of those “vulnerable” people who spend all day at home watching cable television while chain smoking and drinking beer. They're vulnerable to heart disease perhaps, but not much else.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back, like a heart attack!

I'm back, after a long hiatus. I won't bore you with the details. I'll bore you with the content of this blog instead. It's really more for me than anyone else. It helps me vent and what-not. So without further adieu here are my observations on the following:

The riots and killings in the Middle East over a stupid, basement budget movie (stupid but lawful) are yet another reminder of why it's great to not be living in the Middle East. As usual a procession of spineless western politicians are falling over themselves to offer grovelling apologies for our tragic mis-use of this silly “freedom of expression” nonsense we so foolishly cling to.
Hats off though to the rioters in Libya, who supposedly turned up with heavy weapons at the secret location of a U.S. diplomat on the auspicious date of 9/11 (or 11/9 for Australians) in order to "protest" the aforementioned movie. That's some A-Grade "rioting" there. What's that, you say? A planned attack? Nonsense. Clearly it's that anti-Islamic film that's to blame. You should probably go back to watching American Idol, or anything else that distracts you suitably from world events... 

We in the west are ridiculed with good cause.

Evidently the big-shots at the NWO EU have smartened up and lifted their game. They learned the hard way in Greece that dangling bailout funds in front of a bankrupt country while making them do a humiliating song and dance was not endearing in the slightest. This time around they've obviously convinced the Spanish parliament to legislate austerity measures before the terms of the bailout are officially negotiated. This way they'll look less like vultures and more like benevolent monetary saints. Yep, a turd pie is still a turd pie, but it definitely tastes better with a little sugar on it.

Well, China's been doing some sabre rattling over a few worthless islands lately. Why now? Well, it's like a gang member hitting on a rival gang member's sister. Am I confusing you? China is the gang member, Japan is the sister and America is the rival gang member. Since Japan and America have iron clad mutual aid agreements China knows America will either have to respond in some way or lose face within the international community. Hand it to the Chinese. They're playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

I've decided to add a regular feature in an attempt to deprogram myself and others. Journalists and politicians constantly bombard us with words and phrases that are designed to elicit a certain response regardless of the context. For example: “Today we have made outstanding progress in the war on poverty. This new initiative will provide vital aid to thousands of our nation's most vulnerable people.” Written honestly this would read: “Today we have legislated additional taxpayer/debt funded money to be given to people who are under a certain income bracket.” It is imperative that we all learn to filter out this ingrained propaganda when read and hear about world events. So, without further adieu I give you the;

Bulls#!t Phrase Of The Week:

This week's BS phrase is Ethnic Cleansing.

This is a phrase used in the media by scripted mainstream journalists because they want to report on cases of mass murder without offending the delicate sensibilities of their pantywaist viewers/listeners. This is an especially useful word for the U.N. because it means they don't have to feel too bad about failing to intervene in cases of genocide where the unfortunate victims have no wealth to bargain with. 
European Jews?
African Tutsis? 
Ethnic cleansing. 
See how it works? After all. “Cleansing” is a good thing. Right? It infers that the cleaners are making the world a better place, regardless of the context the word is used in.
It's easy to pick this term as being bulls#!t because nobody outside of the media realm actually uses it. They use more appropriate terms like mass killings, mass murder, etc.
So, when some hollow media puppet writes a column and uses the term “ethnic cleansing”, leave them a comment asking them to harden up and call a thing what it is. 
Mass murder. 
It's not rocket science.