Friday, August 26, 2011

In the news today.

I know you've been meaning to visit, Mr Obama, but it's all right... We understand that you should probably be back in The States DOING YOUR JOB!

In other news, it appears that climate change is responsible for... well... just about everything bad that has ever happened or will ever happen. 
Says Cane, "...previous work has shown that when people get warm and uncomfortable, they are more prone to fight,"

It's difficult to imagine the peaceful, Utopian world before the industrial revolution when temperatures never ranged above a balmy 24 degrees Celsius. Perhaps violent offenders can now claim that they were unduly influenced by the amount of clothing they were wearing when they committed their crimes. It truly seems that a "scientist" can try have their work banged up by a blindfolded chimp at a typewriter and as long as it contains the words "climate change" and "bad" then the cheques will keep rolling in.