Thursday, October 18, 2012

U.N.friendly forces

When I was much younger I used to think that the idea behind the U.N was brilliant. They were like a kind of “world police”, zipping about in white APCs righting wrongs and protecting the weak and innocent.
These many years later I can clearly see it for exactly what it is. A kind of world police zipping about in white APCs stomping out dissent for a single world government and raping the weak and innocent.
If you read the article in full you'll love the part at the end where a spokesman for the U.N's Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York says "The abuse of children by those who are sent to help is a significant and painful issue and one that we have begun to address. We are doing everything we can to train and monitor our civilian staff."(Emphasis added.)
Train and monitor? For real? These guys ARE the monitors, aren't they? As for training... I don't think that you can plead ignorance of the law when you get caught raping a six year old girl.
So, why is it that the blue helmet men can't seem to keep their peckers in their pants around the kiddies? I asked that question of myself and determined that it would be worthwhile finding out how one becomes a U.N Peacekeeper. Well, it seems that you have to be a soldier serving in the army of a U.N signatory nation. Then, when the U.N assembles a peacekeeping force you volunteer (or get volunteered) for a spot in said peacekeeping force. Seems simple enough. So what's with all the pedophiles?
This is where we must follow the path of common sense.
Imagine for a moment that you're a commander in your nation's military and a call comes in from the minister for defence.
“The U.N is assembling a peacekeeping force to mill around the Mudhole province of Whereverstan.” he says.
“Have fifty soldiers fitted for blue berets by the end of the week.”
You, the Commander, now have some options.
Ask for volunteers? Fat chance. Why would a soldier leave his buddies and his homeland to potter around Whereverstan in a big ,white, six wheeled bullet magnet with nobody but a bunch of strangers to have his back? Not bloody likely.
Would you pick out the best and brightest to represent your country in the aforementioned Mudhole province, where they'll waste their extensive training by performing nought more than guard duties and aid distribution? No, I didn't think so...
That leaves but one option. You, the commander, take this golden opportunity to rid yourself of every deadbeat, dropkick and wing-nut in your force. You slap that big rubber stamp down. 
“Assigned to U.N Whereverstan PKF.”
So, now the U.N has a peacekeeping force cobbled together from the worst of the worst. Incompetants, malcontents and (most unfortunately of all) scumbags.
Does the rape factor start to make sense now?
Another article linked here gives a shortlist of some of the U.N's extracurricular activities, so the next time you see a  report about a U.N. peacekeeper being killed or wounded, remember that it might not be insurgents to blame.
It could just be a pissed off dad or two...


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