Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back, like a heart attack!

I'm back, after a long hiatus. I won't bore you with the details. I'll bore you with the content of this blog instead. It's really more for me than anyone else. It helps me vent and what-not. So without further adieu here are my observations on the following:

The riots and killings in the Middle East over a stupid, basement budget movie (stupid but lawful) are yet another reminder of why it's great to not be living in the Middle East. As usual a procession of spineless western politicians are falling over themselves to offer grovelling apologies for our tragic mis-use of this silly “freedom of expression” nonsense we so foolishly cling to.
Hats off though to the rioters in Libya, who supposedly turned up with heavy weapons at the secret location of a U.S. diplomat on the auspicious date of 9/11 (or 11/9 for Australians) in order to "protest" the aforementioned movie. That's some A-Grade "rioting" there. What's that, you say? A planned attack? Nonsense. Clearly it's that anti-Islamic film that's to blame. You should probably go back to watching American Idol, or anything else that distracts you suitably from world events... 

We in the west are ridiculed with good cause.

Evidently the big-shots at the NWO EU have smartened up and lifted their game. They learned the hard way in Greece that dangling bailout funds in front of a bankrupt country while making them do a humiliating song and dance was not endearing in the slightest. This time around they've obviously convinced the Spanish parliament to legislate austerity measures before the terms of the bailout are officially negotiated. This way they'll look less like vultures and more like benevolent monetary saints. Yep, a turd pie is still a turd pie, but it definitely tastes better with a little sugar on it.

Well, China's been doing some sabre rattling over a few worthless islands lately. Why now? Well, it's like a gang member hitting on a rival gang member's sister. Am I confusing you? China is the gang member, Japan is the sister and America is the rival gang member. Since Japan and America have iron clad mutual aid agreements China knows America will either have to respond in some way or lose face within the international community. Hand it to the Chinese. They're playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

I've decided to add a regular feature in an attempt to deprogram myself and others. Journalists and politicians constantly bombard us with words and phrases that are designed to elicit a certain response regardless of the context. For example: “Today we have made outstanding progress in the war on poverty. This new initiative will provide vital aid to thousands of our nation's most vulnerable people.” Written honestly this would read: “Today we have legislated additional taxpayer/debt funded money to be given to people who are under a certain income bracket.” It is imperative that we all learn to filter out this ingrained propaganda when read and hear about world events. So, without further adieu I give you the;

Bulls#!t Phrase Of The Week:

This week's BS phrase is Ethnic Cleansing.

This is a phrase used in the media by scripted mainstream journalists because they want to report on cases of mass murder without offending the delicate sensibilities of their pantywaist viewers/listeners. This is an especially useful word for the U.N. because it means they don't have to feel too bad about failing to intervene in cases of genocide where the unfortunate victims have no wealth to bargain with. 
European Jews?
African Tutsis? 
Ethnic cleansing. 
See how it works? After all. “Cleansing” is a good thing. Right? It infers that the cleaners are making the world a better place, regardless of the context the word is used in.
It's easy to pick this term as being bulls#!t because nobody outside of the media realm actually uses it. They use more appropriate terms like mass killings, mass murder, etc.
So, when some hollow media puppet writes a column and uses the term “ethnic cleansing”, leave them a comment asking them to harden up and call a thing what it is. 
Mass murder. 
It's not rocket science.

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