Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the news today.

I'm having trouble finding any good news. Maybe someone can shoot some my way.

We've got the Greens who want to declare one of our most prolific species as endangered. Yes, Koalas are doing their best Panda impersonation in some areas but (and I'm no lawyer) if you declare them endangered then aren't they protected everywhere,... like... in the places that you can't throw a rock without hitting one? Such legislation would lock up just about every acre of land with a gum tree on it but I suppose that's the point. I guess our kids will have to build their houses in the desert...

Having had the knife surgically removed from his back our former Prime Minister is talking sense regarding protectionism while our current Prime Minister pulls in the opposite direction. Her plan? Un-viable Australian companies should have their wares forced on other (formerly) viable Australian companies. Is she playing at some kind of patriotic angle knowing the harm she'd cause or is she just that stupid? Then again I shouldn't credit her with having the authority to write her own script. How naive. I'm just now slapping my own wrist.

Meanwhile, the Eurozone is in dire straits and despite the many predictions made about a U.S. default it may turn out that the death of the E.U. is the crisis that finally drags us down the tube. Greece has been teetering on the edge for a long time and there's now talk of them leaving the E.U. Whichever way you cut it these are not things that tend to happen when prosperity is in the air.

If you know anyone that lived through the Great Depression then you ought to have a chat with them. They, more than anyone else alive, understand that the best minds of the day armed with a thousand history books and unprecedented levels of technology still created a situation that resulted in mass poverty for millions of previously well off first world citizens. 

It's happening again,
                      so prepare like it's 1928.


  1. If I had to take a WAG I think we are in for a major world wide depression. Possibly in the next 12 months.

  2. Hey Ausprepper, I just found your blog and read through all your posts so far. I hope you continue to post up because I enjoy your content and your writing style.

  3. I second what Kris said :)